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Frequently Asked Questions on SMA-MSAF Bursary

1. What are the criteria to be eligible for the Medical Students Assistant Fund Bursary (SMA-MSAF Bursary)?

To be eligible for the SMA-MSAF Bursary, your family’s gross monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) should generally be less than or equal to $1,900. Nonetheless, we do consider applications outside of this PCI range on a case by case basis.

Application for SMA-MSAF Bursary are open for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents studying in any of the three medical schools in Singapore:

Duke-NUS Medical School, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. 

2. When will I be informed of my application outcome and what is the bursary amount?

You will be informed of the outcome within 4-6 weeks after you have submitted all the required supporting documents or shortly after the application closing date (whichever is earlier). 

The bursary amount was set at $3,600 a year per student in 2007 and was subsequently adjusted to $4,000 from in 2009. SMACF raised the bursary amount to $5,000 a year starting from 2014. The amount may be adjusted from time to time.

3. If I am successful for a bursary, do I need to apply for the bursary again for the next academic year?

Bursary is tenable for up to the end of the academic year. If you wish to be considered for SMA-MSAF Bursary for the next academic year, you are required to submit an online application together with a fresh set of supporting documents during the application period. You can continue to use the same log in and password in our web portal.

4. If I am holding other bursary/scholarship/award, can I still apply for SMA-MSAF Bursary?

Students can still apply for SMA-MSAF Bursary while they are a recipient of other bursary/scholarship/award(s). Students should however update their intent and to seek approval from the party who gave them the bursary/scholarship/award(s).

5. When can I expect to receive my bursary funds if I am successful for a bursary?

Students eligible for SMA-MSAF Bursary will be invited down for an interview before receiving their bursary fund within 4 weeks upon acceptance of the bursary.

6. What should I do if I missed the application and/or document submission deadline?

Late applications are generally not accepted. However, if you have valid reasons for missing the application and/or document submission deadline, you may send your appeal to for consideration on a case by case basis.

7. Is the bursary meant to pay for tuition fees?

Tuition fee loan is available for students with financial needs and this will provide up to 90% of the tuition fee needs of students. SMA-MSAF Bursary is meant to support the basic living expenses of needy medical students in Singapore so that they are not disadvantaged during their medical studies. The Bursary is intended to allow the students to focus on their medical studies and to be as skilled a doctor as they can be in the future.

8. I have not received a matriculation number, can I still proceed with the application?

We encourage students to check through and ensure they furnished all required information before submission. However we do understand first year students may not have received their matriculation number before the closing date. You may first submit your application and update us through email at when you are matriculated.