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MEDIK AWAS Programme

What is Medik Awas?
Medik Awas aims to prevent medical mishaps by alerting medical and dental personnel to any specific medical problems of registrants through the use of identification devices, such as a card or an amulet.

Why Medik Awas?
A person known to be hypersensitive to a drug, such as penicilin or tetanus antitoxin, must be so identified, as administration of the offending drug can lead to a violent, if not fatal reaction. Similarly, a patient suffering from a chronic disease, like bleeding tendency or diabetes, should carry a warning message. In the event of an accident or complication of the disease, immediate recognition of his condition can save his life. Patients on long-term course of drugs, e.g. steriods or anticoagulants, are identified in the same manner, as the therapy itself may give rise to hazardous side-effects.

All these patients and others with different hidden problems should enrol with Medik Awas and carry an identification card as a protection in an emergency. If a patient is unable to tell his medical history after an accident or sudden illness, the card may just save his life.

Medik Awas Form
In order to ensure accurate certification, only a medical or dental practitioner can enrol a patient in the Medik Awas scheme. A patient is therefore advised to see his doctor for registration.

A Medik Awas form is available with one's doctor, hospitals and polyclinics. You can download the Medik Awas Form here.

Completion of the Medik Awas form is to be done by the Doctors. Once completed, the patients should submit the application to SMA. Please mail the completed and signed Medik Awas form, with relevant fees and a passport-sized photo to:

Medik Awas Department
Singapore Medical Association
2985 Jalan Bukit Merah
#02-2C SMF Building
Singapore 159457

Registration Fees (as at 1 January 2012)
The registration fees are as follows:

 Registration and Identification Card  $30  
 Registration, Identification Card and Amulet         $40 
 Renewal/Replacement of Card  $15  

(All fees are inclusive of GST)

After Enrolment
The patient will receive a laminated Medik Awas card within 4-6 weeks through normal mail. The card will bear the patient’s name, residential address, NRIC No. and the nature of his allergies and/or medical problem as well as his doctor’s name & contact number.

The patient is advised to carry this card at all times and show it to a doctor or dentist during all visits.

Due to space constraints, the amulet (pendant) can only bear limited information. Patients with long lists of allergies or medical problems are advised to apply for the card only.

For further enquiries, please contact our staff at Tel: (65) 62231264 or drop us an email at

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