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Feedback On Doctor's Professionalism

Information about the SMA Complaints Committee

The Singapore Medical Association (SMA) is a professional body. The SMA Complaints Committee handles complaints concerning doctors registered in Singapore with the statutory body, Singapore Medical Council. The SMA Complaints Committee recommends to our SMA Council appropriate actions which may include:
To facilitate understanding by providing appropriate information gathered from various sources To provide a professional perspective To mediate a solution by suggesting options that could lead to amicable settlement To communicate to the complainant that the case is outside the Committee's purview with suggestion to bring it up with other authorities, if appropriate
To give advice on acceptable practice matters and/or ethical issues to the doctor To request doctor to give undertaking not to repeat unacceptable and/or unethical practice or behaviour. To recommend to the SMA Council that a formal complaint to SMC or to other external authorities be lodged To communicate trends to the Secretary, SMC

Complaints that are out of the SMA Complaints Committee’s purview

  • Cases on fees/charges disputes
  • Cases on cosmetic/ aesthetics treatments
  • Cases in which police reports have been made or cases which are the subject of court proceedings
  • Cases in which medical ethics and professional issues are not involved
  • Cases in which the doctors or complainants have confirmed that legal proceedings are being instituted
  • Cases that have been taken up by the Press
  • Cases that have been sent to MOH and SMC


What the SMA Complaints Committee cannot do

  • Help you to write the complaint
  • Help you to claim for compensation
  • Order a medical pracitioner to provide the medical treatment you want
  • Order a medical practitioner to give you access to the records
  • Make a medical practitioner apologise to you in any manner


   In submitting the complaint to the SMA, the complainant is aware that the SMA is a professional body and not a statutory body and therefore has no legal authority to conduct formal enquiries, to subpoena witnesses or documents and to discipline doctors, etc

The Committee needs to meet to consider the cases. While we endeavour to expedite the processing of letters received, the whole process may take 3 to 6 months before you will receive a final reply from us.