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CME Programme


SMA hosts online continuing medical education (CME) quizzes/modules that have been pre-approved for the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Category 3B CME Programme.


Singapore Medical Journal (SMJ) Monthly CME Programme

In each monthly issue of the SMJ, at least two CME articles with online quizzes are published. The passing mark for each quiz is 60%, and one CME point per quiz is awarded for successful candidates. The editorial office will submit the list of successful candidates to the SMC† after the closing of the CME Programme. The MCR numbers of successful candidates will be posted on the SMA website one week after the closing date of the CME programme.

SMC credits CME points according to the month of publication of the CME article (i.e. points awarded for a quiz published in the December 2017 issue will be credited for the month of December 2017, even if the quiz deadline is in January 2018).


SMA Centre for Medical Ethics and Professionalism (CMEP) CME Programme

The passing mark for each quiz is 60%, and one CME point per quiz is awarded for successful candidates. You will receive an email confirmation with your score for the submitted quiz. Successful candidates may use the email confirmation as supporting document to submit for SMC CME Cat 3B credit claims. All SMA CMEP Quiz listing requires successful candidates to claim for their own CME points under SMC CME Cat 3B, unless otherwise stated.


To begin, please read the Quiz detailed instructions on login, registration and payment.
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Non-SMA members: SGD21.40 (Inclusive of 7% GST) per quiz
SMA members: SGD10.70 (Inclusive of 7% GST) per quiz
1 Core point per quiz

CME Quiz March 2020
(Code CMEP202001) Telemedicine
Readings: Leveraging on Telemedicine during an Infectious Disease Outbreak
CME Quiz March 2020
(Code CMEP202002) Ethical Analysis
Readings: Approach to Ethical Analysis in Clinical Medicine
CME Quiz March 2020
(Code CMEP202003) Disclosure
Readings: Disclosure involving Multiple Healthcare Teams


Complimentary for all doctors
1 Non-core point per module

Assessment of Mental Capacity Assessment under the Mental Capacity Act

LPA Certificate Issuer Online Training Module

Mental Capacity Assessment for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWIDs) Module