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2021 May - Volume 53 Issue 5
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Pain Management: East Meets West


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SMA Publications seeks to be the knowledge centre and opinion body that forms the voice of the profession and inspires thought leadership. Through our publications, we are working toward the advancement of healthcare in Singapore for both the medical doctors and our patients.

The Singapore Medical Journal (SMJ) is a monthly publication of SMA. The SMJ aims to advance medical practice and clinical research by publishing papers that will benefit the medical profession locally and around the world. To submit your paper for consideration for publication, visit

The SMA News is our monthly newsletter that allows for our members to share thoughts and views on current and prevalent matters in the healthcare environment. Play a part in the SMA News. If you would like to contribute articles, email

SMA Publications also publishes other materials of interest and learning value to our members, such as the Medical Guidelines on Fitness to Drive and the Private Practice Handbook.