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<December 2021>

SMA Membership Application

Application Date : 08/12/2021
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Information entered here will be listed in our Online Directory of SMA Doctors if you enabled the option. Members of the public will be able to search for your practice and view all information provided under “Practice Contacts”.
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  Graduated in Year 2014 or before   $107.00
  Graduated in Year 2015 - 2017   $80.25
  Graduated in Year 2018 - 2020   $53.50
  Graduated in Year 2021   $26.75
  Spouse Membership (Complimentary)   N.A
  Overseas Membership   $75.00
  Student Membership (Complimentary)   N.A

The rates listed above are HALF-YEAR rates for 2021 (July to December 2021).
All membership fees are in Singapore Dollars and inclusive of 7% GST (except for Overseas Membership).
SMA Membership is auto renewal, based on calendar year basis and not upon date of application or conversion.
SMA Membership subscription is claimable from your MOHH Personal Training Fund or Tax Deductible.
Any requests regarding your membership status should be sent in writing via mail or to, subject to approval from the SMA Council. 


In-Principal Approval of Website Accounts

Receipt of your application fee is not an indication of successful application. Those who have submitted the application form and payment will be granted in-principle approval of membership. You will be able to log in to the SMA portal and access exclusive members-only functions.

Please note that your membership application is still subject to approval of the SMA Council. We will inform you of your application status in due course.


Promotion (Only Applicable to 2014 Graduates)


Privacy Policy

Your personal data is collected for the administration of your SMA membership application. Information may be disclosed to third parties to facilitate the enjoyment of membership benefits provided to our members from time to time, such as for the purposes of the verification of membership validity, redemption or delivery of prize and gift, update of web-based membership portal, processing of payment for products and services purchased and other membership related matters.

Personal data is also collected for the dissemination of publications, news and events updates, and/or marketing campaigns in relation to the goods and/or services that we and/or our business partners provide, or on our behalf. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time.
   I, the undersigned, confirm that the facts and details provided are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
As a member of SMA, I agree to be bound by the SMA Constitution at all times.
   I consent to the collection, usage and disclosure of my personal data.
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