SMA Membership
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<December 2021>

Payment Details

When are my SMA membership fees due?

  1. Your SMA membership subscription will follow the calendar year so it will be due for renewal by
    every 31st December.
  2. Your SMA membership subscription will automatically be renewed for the next year. Renewal payment
    will be sent out to all SMA members, except for those who had signed up for auto-deduction.
  3. We encourage all SMA members to make payment for their membership renewal by 31st January of 
    that year.

How do I make payment for my SMA membership subscription?

Your membership fee can be paid via these methods:
  1. Settle your membership subscriptions via our online payment platform; or
  2. Make payment via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard credit cards when you apply online; or
  3. Email your credit card details with the subscription renewal form to us at; or
  4. *Use the PayNow App: UEN No. S61SS0168E; or
  5. *Bank Transfer to DBS Account no: 001-063564-6 (Beneficiary Account name: Singapore Medical Association); or
  6. Send us a cheque by post, together with the subscription renewal form, to the SMA office; or
  7. For UOB-SMA Visa Platinum Card Holders only, send us an authorised form for automatic
    deduction of membership fee against the UOB-SMA Visa Platinum Card. Earn reward points
    when you choose to use this hassle-free method.

* Please provide us with your transaction reference number to so that we can track your online payments.