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World Medical Association (WMA)

The World Medical Association (WMA) is an international organisation representing physicians. The WMA provides a forum for its member associations to communicate freely, to co-operate actively, to achieve consensus on high standards of medical ethics and professional competence, and to promote the professional freedom of physicians worldwide. The purpose of the WMA is to serve humanity by endeavoring to achieve the highest international standards in Medical Education, Medical Science, Medical Art and Medical Ethics, and Health Care for all people in the world.

Others areas of service of the WMA include:

  • Health-related human rights – promoting and defending the basic rights of patients and physicians
  • Medical education – helping physicians to continuously improve their knowledge and skills
  • Human resources planning for health care services
  • Patient safety
  • Public health policy and projects such as tobacco control, immunisation
  • Democracy building for new medical associations, especially in new or developing democracies
  • Leadership and career development
  • Advocacy for physicians’ and patients’ rights
  • Occupational health and safety

SMA’s participation

SMA is a Constituent member of the WMA.

SMA also supports WMA’s Caring Physicians of the World Initiative through its participation in the WMA-INSEAD Leadership Development Programme in 2007 and 2011. This programme seeks to develop the physician’s efficacy in their roles as leaders in their nation’s medical association, enhance competencies as shapers of health policy, as leaders and change managers, and as members of multicultural teams and negotiators. During the WMA-INSEAD Leadership Development Programme held from 21 to 25 November 2011 at the INSEAD Asia Campus in Singapore, SMA had the honor of hosting delegates from WMA and 16 international medical associations, and faculty and participants from INSEAD with a welcome dinner.

Upcoming WMA events

212th WMA Council Session

Date: 25 - 27 April 2019
Venue: Santiago, Chile

Physician 2030: The future is around the corner - be prepared

Date: 13 - 15 May 2019

Venue: Tel Aviv, Israel

Health Professional Meeting (H20) 2019 - The road to Universal Health Coverage

Date: 13 - 14 June 2019

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

WMA General Assembly

Date: 23 - 26 October 2019
Venue: Tbilisi, Georgia

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