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COVID-19 Talks: views from around the world

The series of interviews conducted by the WMA Secretary General, Dr Otmar Kloiber continues with a new interview each day.
WMA leaders and members from 7 countries have been interviewed so far on the topic of COVID 19 and how it is tacked in different regions of the world. 
New interviews will be added soon, so we encourage you to subscribe to the WMA Youtube channel in order to find out when the new episodes will be published. 

The talks published so far (from newest to oldest):

COVID Talk [Sri Lanka] with Dr Indika Karunathilake:

COVID Talk [Vatican] with Dr Pablo Requena:

COVID Talk [ Brazil] with Dr Miguel Jorge: 

COVID Talk [Taiwan] with Dr Brian Chang:

COVID TALK [ India ] with Dr Ravi Wankhedkar:

Covid Talk [ Nigeria ] with Osahon Enabulele:

COVID Talk [ Israel ] with Dr Leonid Eidelman: