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2018 Dr Yeoh Khay Guan The Future of Medical Education 
2017 Dr Loo Choon Yong Internationalising Singapore Medicine 
2016 Prof Sir Arulkumaran Sabaratnam Health and Human RIghts
2015 Prof Tommy Koh Medicine and Diplomacy
2014 Prof Tan Chorh Chuan Innovating for Future Health
2013 Mr Ngiam Tong Dow Developing Singapore as an International Medical Centre
2012 Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon Euthanasia: A Matter of Life or Death?
2011 Dr Tan Lai Yong Medical Practice in the Next ICE Age
2010 Prof John Wong Eu Li Winds of Change: Revisiting Role Models in Medicine
2009 Dr T Thirumoorthy Entrepreneurship in Medicine - Resolving conflicts in for-profit medical enterprise
2008 Prof Zhong Nanshan Preparing for the Next Flu Epidemic: 5 Years after SARS... Lessons Learnt
2007 Prof Woo Keng Thye Physician Leadership
2006 Prof Bernard Lo Professionalism in the Age of Computerised Medical Records
2005 Prof Chee Yam Cheng Do No Harm, Do Thyself No Harm
2004 Prof Raj Mohan Nambiar Professional Development
2003 Dr Lee Suan Yew Judicious Approach in Medical Practice
2002 Prof Edison T Liu Genomics and Medicine in Singapore
2001 Mr K Shanmugam Testing the Bolam test: consequences of recent decisions
2000 Emeritus Physician Feng Pao Hsii Medicine in the Digital Era - Opportunities & Challenges
1999 JC Mr Choo Han Teck Confidence & Confidentiality
1998 Dr Chew Chin Hin Not to be Ministered unto but to Minister
1997 Dr Wong Heck Sing In Search of Future Role Models in Medicine
1996 Dr Charles Toh Impact of a Free Market System on Medicine in Singapore
1995 Dr Robert Loh The Challenge of Modern Day Medical Practice
1994 Dr Koh Eng Kheng "There is No Health in Us"
1993 Dr N K Yong "No Man is an Island"
1992 Dr Khoo Chong Yew The Doctor's Role in a Hi-Tech World
1991 Mr Barry Desker Singapore's Role in the Provision of Medical Service in the Region
1990 Dr Halfdan Mahler The Physician in the Year 2000 and Beyond
1989 Mr Justice P Coomaraswamy Law and Medicine
1988 Dr Chow Khuen Wai Ferment in Medicine
1987 Prof Lee Yong Kiat Consumer or Patient?
1986 Dr V Kandasamy Pillay Towards Excellence in Medicine
1985 Dr Victor L Fernandez Health Care: Today and Tomorrow
1984 Prof G B Ong The Doctor - Patient Relationship
1983 Dr M K Rajakumar Ethical Consequences of Technological Changes
1982 Prof Edward P C Tock Issues in Medical Education in Singapore
1981 Dr Arthur S M Lim Ethics, the Profession and the Nation
1980 Prof Lim Pin The Outlook of Medicine
1979 Emeritus Prof Wong Hock Boon Significance of Abnormal Chromosomes in Singapore
1978 Prof Wong Poi Kwong Maintaining Standards in Medical Education
1977 Prof S S Ratnam A Doctor's Dilemma
1976 Dr Robert Loh Good Medicine
1975 Dr Ho Guan Lim The Limits of Medicine
1974 Prof Khoo Oon Teik Ethics of Human Transplant & Experiments
1973 Prof Seah Cheng Siang On Specialised Medicine
1972 Prof Phoon Wai-On Priorities in Medicine
1971 Dr Yahya Cohen Association, Profession, Adaptation
1970 Dr Yahya Cohen Medicine in Singapore
1969 Dr Gwee Ah Leng Medical Education in Singapore - the Past and the Future
1964 Dr B R Sreenivasan Infamous Conduct in a Professional Aspect
1963 Dr Gwee Ah Leng Advertisement and the Medical Profession